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You probably want to know who I am! Well, I’m Shubha, the Indian writer and photographer behind this travel blog. I’ve been traveling to off beat places since 2009, and my lust for wandering has driven me to find many ways to earn and travel at the same time, permanently.

This blog/website and other internet based businesses now earn me a regular full time income!

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Through my travel forever tips and travel stories, I hope you find a way to be freer, and to follow your dreams. I am practically today traveling the world and being paid to be my own boss, and I want to show you how to do the same!

I have chosen an alternate lifestyle and I love every aspect of it. From waking up to a new view periodically, to not working 9 to 5 and of course, being my own boss!


Do I really pay for my travels through a blog?

Yes. Pay for them and save a bit every month. A lot of my friends deemed me an impractical dreamer when I first announced my decision to sustain myself on a blog and travel the world. Turns out, starting this blog was the best decision I ever made! It blends my three passions: travel, writing and photography.

This blog covers both sides of the travel coin: planning travel, and sustaining travel. I completely love being able to help people prepare and plan their journeys to my country, and how to make the most of it. Especially women who travel to India alone, as I have some experience in the area! This blog is primarily about India because I have explored deep and thoroughly enough and feel confident in offering informed tips and guides. Other destinations will follow. I also love to help wander struck souls and guide them on how you can travel forever.


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I was a corporate slave once. I had a ‘good’ job, and was growing in my ‘career’, and I spent most of my time working or being tired from work. I really looked forward to Friday evenings and got really sad by Sunday. I worried about getting a better wardrobe, a better cellphone, a better car. I waited for the little travel I could manage.  I was turning into a ‘marriageable’ stereotype in a society which secretly still harboured gender bias. I was becoming who I was expected to become, not who I wanted to be.

Deciding to travel for me, was an act of breaking free and I’m here to inspire you to follow your dreams. Today, I dictate my own life, my ideals and my goals. And the main purpose of this blog is to encourage travellers like me, to help and guide them using my experience, either to travel, or to travel forever!

I have been visited 22 states, 2 union territories, 100 + cities, towns and villages. I have had some insane experiences: I have swum witth elephants, spray painted and sold Chess boards at flea markets, slept on beaches, and escaped a bear attack (oh well!). I prefer experiential travel, and I roam the world in search of experiences rather than material pleasures.


Why I started Travelling

The travel bug bit me young. Since I can remember, my favorite childhood game was to pretend that I was somewhere else. I pitched a tent in the garden, built a hut on the terrace. At age 9, I pestered my parents to enroll me into a mountaineering institute. Darjeeling with the mountaineering institute was my first trip without parents. It remains yet, my most memorable journey. First ones always do.

So, when the day came when I found the strength in me to follow my dreams, where else could I go, but on a journey around the world!



How do you manage to sustain your traveling lifestyle?

This question is the one I most frequently face: How I pay for my travel. When I started in 2009, for a year I used my savings. After that, I faced a tough choice, to either go back to a job or to keep traveling. After having a taste of travel, I didn’t want to go back to a 9 to 5 (or what I call a slave life). So, from 2010 to 2013, I did odd jobs at travel destinations which I liked the most. I’ve waited tables at a pizzeria in Dharamshala, created recipes and worked as a bartender in a sports bar in Goa, run a hotel in Bhagsu, managed guest relations for a hotel chain, and worked with a hippie cookie chef (Cookiewala; those traveling Arambol will know him or have visited his bakery for sure). In 2014, I eventually settled down to travel blogging, and it hit the mark. I now pay for my lifestyle though my blog and other online ventures.

Not that I didn’t enjoy other jobs in the travel sector, but they were all seasonal and temporary, and so much hard work. As a bartender, I worked 16 hours a day. Plus, I never generated enough income or time to travel as much as I wanted to.

If you want to read more about sustaining travel as I do, visit my travel and work section, check out my Guide to Sustaining Travel.

What drove you to quit your job?

In 2008, after graduating from the finest college in the country with naive ideals I joined a newspaper as a trainee. With an unhindered young passion I was all set to change the world. While there I realised that was not going to happen. That what I wrote was dictated by the ones who financed the paper. That media, like everything else that was part of the system, wasn’t free. My picture of how I wanted to live my life was speeding away from me. At the same time, the open road was calling. It was a very blue Monday morning, when I finally got my wake up call, and quit! I took off, and, ever since, my life has been an adventure. Each month, I discover new places and some more hidden magic in this splendid country.

Have you been to other countries? 

Yes. I have travelled to a South East Asia (Nepal, Bhutan), Africa, USA, Canada, and UK.

Why is your blog only about traveling India then?

My blog is restricted to India only because I have backpacked intensely through India. Plus, I have been born here, and I know the country at an instinctive level. Hence I can guide people as a local and as a traveller.

What is your favorite destination yet?

Umm… I am sorry I don’t have an answer for this one. Each place is unique, and I love them all for their differences. However, some places that stick in memory are Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Sikkim. I could tell you that I am totally in love with mountains, and would pick a mountain over a beach, or a jungle in a heartbeat. Not so big on beaches. I also love volcanoes and deserts. And hot springs are a favorite.



Travel is my passion and now my lifestyle too. It is brilliant when you can marry the two, and I hope I can inspire you to live the life of your dreams too!

If you have any questions, you can Contact Me here. I would love to hear from you!

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