Backpacking Dehra Dun

Backpacking Dehra Dun

Most popularly known as just a transit point to Himachal Pradesh, Dehra Dun is worth a visit for its vibrant Paltan Bazaar, and its Tibetan Stupa and community in Clement Town. And while Mussoorie may seem tacky at first, it‘s architecture aches with British influence, and its scenic setting makes it feel like a tiny little town out of an old English storybook. If you intend to go backpacking Dehra Dun and Mussoorie en route to Himachal Pradesh or another spot, I would recommend an overnight stay at the most. Dehra Dun is a great place to lay low and chill out for a bit before plunging headfirst into a long mountain journey.

Backpacking Dehra Dun: Mindrolling Stupa
Backpacking Dehra Dun: Mindrolling Stupa

Dehra Dun also houses one of the finest boarding schools in India, called the Doon School. Many famous people, leaders and celebrities today are graduates from Doon.


The Weather is mild here. The winters are cool, bordering on cold, and the summers, warmish-hot. The best time to visit is during the mild winters from October to May.

Places to visit in Dehra Dun

If you do stay at Dehra Dun for a day, Mussoorie is only a half hour walk up. Leave late afternoon, and come back by late evening.

Paltan Bazaar: A lively, hill station market, Paltan Bazaar is a famous tourist spot. The Bazaar has it all, from clothes to books to coffee houses to the best of food joints and bakeries.

Clement Town: Known for housing the world’s biggest stupa, Clement Town in Dehra Dun is situated nine km south of the city. Situated amid the lower Himalayas, the Mindrolling Monastery in Clement Town among the largest Buddhist centres in India.

Mindrolling, literally translated into Tibetan, means ‘place of perfect emancipation’. In Tibet, Mindrolling was an important hub of Vajrayana Buddhism.


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