Backpacking Gujarat: Virgin beaches, temples and colour

Backpacking Gujarat: Virgin beaches, temples and colour

Backpacking Gujarat: Virgin beaches, temples and colour filled festivals and fabrics, is a visual as well as spiritual delight. Chances are you have probably met a Gujarati Patel somewhere. Well, this is their land. If you are willing to go beyond the obvious much trodden tourist trail, Gujarat can be a perfectly paced, relaxed, sparkly clean and candid experience of India for you. I have seen completely vacant gorgeous beaches with turquoise coloured crystal clear water, white shores lined with palm trees swaying to a beach breeze, here. With its 1600 km shoreline (which further south joins Goa) is an untouched shade of pristine blue with the white variety of sand.

Other attractions include the Gir Wildlife Reserve, housing the last Wild Asiatic Lions, and Div (Diu), a beach town with a very clear Portugal hangover, very similar to. Gujarat is not commercial, and a foreigner is still a rarity in these parts. Don’t be surprised if many of the friendly Gujarati people approach you, or invite you home for a meal.

The best time to visit Gujarat is from October to February.

Where to go


Housing the peaceful ashram of Mahatama Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad is the metropolis of Gujarat. It is often mistaken as the capital of Gujarat (actual capital is Gandhi Nagar).

Daman & Div (Diu)

Div (local name) is a sleepy little island, still very fresh in its Portugal hangover.

A little girl garbed in traditional attire
A little girl garbed in traditional attire


Shop from the source, some of India’s best textiles in the colourful tribal villages surrounding Kutch.

Backpacking Gujarat: Road trip through Coastal Gujarat
Backpacking Gujuarat: Road trip through Coastal Gujarat

Road Trip Though Coastal Gujarat

This is completely off the beaten track. So, for the ones who dare, the best way to see Gujarat is a road trip through its western part. Skim through all the quiet beaches, and temples that lie on the coast.
Gujarat is the perfect destination for those looking to trot beyond the obvious and the explored along with a bit of relaxation.
Note: Gujarat is a dry state of India, which means sale, purchase or consumption of alcohol is banned here as per state law.

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