Backpacking Kerala: God’s own country

Backpacking Kerala: God’s own country

Nicknamed ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is a wonderful mash up of sweeping backwaters, gentle highlands carpeted with tea plantations where silver Oaks rise here under serenely vivid blue skies, and beaches. Backpacking Kerala is a simple, beautiful (if not very temple spattered) experience.

Best time to visit

I would advise you to strictly keep your Kerala visit between October and February (wintertime), when Kerala is at it’s most pleasant. The rest of the time, Kerala is extremely hot.

A backpacker's map of Kerala; pic courtsey
A backpacker’s map of Kerala; pic courtsey

What to do & Where to go

Sangam: Sangam (literal translation: meeting) where three water bodies; Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean come together romantically as lovers meet, is the edge of India. Beautiful, and open to vast waters in three directions far as the eye can see.

Munnar: Emerald green carpets of tea plantations on mild slopes of the Western Ghats punctuated by silver Oak trees lie tranquilly under dazzling blue skies. Being in Munnar is as satisfying, as relaxed as looking at the world after a delicious, satisfying meal.

Backpacking Kerala: Tea plantations at Munnar
Backpacking Kerala: Tea plantations at Munnar

Alappuzha Backwaters: is overrated. A lovely sight, and must visit if you are around and have a day to spare; for floating on a house boat through gleaming backwaters is a unique experience. But, for me,the Munnar houseboat experience stood out over the Alappuzha one.

Me, during my Kerala trip in 2015
Me, during my Kerala trip in 2015

Kanyakumari: Kanyakumari lies at the Southern most tip of India. it is a located at the peak of the peninsula, just before the massive landmass of the Indian subcontinent ends into the three great water bodies. Kanyakumari lies at the confluence of Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.


NOTE: Do not miss the famous Kerala Ayurvedic Massage here. Go to an Ayurvedic hospital, based on your problem areas/ailments, a consultant will prescribe the massage as a therapy. So, the type of massage you get is based on their evaluation of your ailments.

Kerala is a refreshing place, although it is important to know that Kerala is counted as a dry state of India, which means, you will not find alcohol in Kerala. As Kerala is still in the process of converting to a dry state, five star hotels still stock and serve booze.

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