Forests, Tribals & Undiscovered Beauty of Orissa

Forests, Tribals & Undiscovered Beauty of Orissa

Decorated with scattered ruins of medieval temples, chilled out Orissa has tripped under advertising budgets of global level mass tourism states. In this little explored, artistically rich state, artisans, sculptors, silversmiths produce eternal designs of traditional art fused sometimes with modern art and technique. The forests, tribals & undiscovered beauty of Orissa deserves to be explored.

A unique feature of Orissa & its heartbreaking poverty are its hand pulled rikshaws (vehicles)

A UN world heritage site, The Sun Temple bursts with brilliant Oriya art, while Bhubaneswar has a primitive temple emerging round every esecond bend, while Elephants and tigers roam through Similpal National Park, and the rare Irrawaddy Dolphin and Pink flamingos can be seen at Chilika Lake, Asia’s largest lagoon.

The beaches of Orissa are laid back, and flanked by rows of cheap seaside foods. Inland India there’s a different story. While colourful adivasis (tribal) live perilously on the brink of conventional society, they manage to maintain their cultural integrity. Travellers are slowly making their way to Orissa, and while the tourism infrastructure is still quite unpolished, the less traveller-trodden roads of Orissa sparkle with gemlike charms and sincere friendliness which will unexpectedly enthral you.

Forests, Tribals & Undiscovered Beauty of Orissa
Forests, Tribals & Undiscovered Beauty of Orissa

Backpacking through Orissa

If you decide to throw caution to the winds and give Orissa a chance (and I think you should), here are a few places that are great treats for backpackers.
Traveller friendly Puri
Shacks that call themselves beach cafes are a traveller favorite. Hang out at Puri for a refreshing break from overwhelming India.
Tatapani Hot Springs
Take a long, hot, natural bath, or live in a tree-house in this tiny hot springs village. READ MORE
Sun Temple, Konark
This UN world heritage site is dauntingly beautiful and exquisitely carved, like a canvas of the ways of Oriya life.
Mangrove boating at Bhitarkanika Wildlife Park
Hire a boat and check out rare Irrawaddy dolphin and pink flamingos, as well as 400 species of migratory birds at Asia’s largest lagoon.
For me, travel is not about going where millions have been, it is about exploring the unexplored, and finding beauty that has not been discovered yet; taking the road less taken. Orissa is your chance to do just that.

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