Backpacking Udaipur: the city of lakes

Backpacking Udaipur: the city of lakes

Udaipur with its mid city lakes is where romance prospers. For some unnamed reason, lovers discover some secret magic under the perpetually clear moonlit skies of Udaipur, as love makes itself heard in the still beauty of its five shimmering lakes. Backpacking Udaipur is a great idea, for its beauty and history that the city of lakes offers.


Backpacking Udaipur: Lake Pichola
Backpacking Udaipur: Lake Pichola

The scenic and ancient Aravalli mountain range surrounds Udaipur like a winding fortress, a source of some military solace for its previous rules.  Out of the gleaming waters of Lake Pichola, rising abruptly like a fairy tale is the dome capped City Palace, looking maternally over the architectural wonder that placed Udaipur on the map – The Lake Palace.

Backpacking Udaipur: lake Pichola with The Lake Palace in the background
Backpacking Udaipur: lake Pichola with The Lake Palace in the background

Things to do in Udaipur

Places of interest in Udaipur include Lake Pichola (Read Lakes of Udaipur / The Lake Palace), City Palace & Museums (Also see: Top Palaces and museums of Udaipur), Jagdish TempleBagore Ki HaveliLake Fateh SagarBhartiya Lok Kala MuseumSaheliyon Ki BadiShilpgramAhar, and Sajjan Garh (Monsoon Palace).

Among other tourist attractions, check out the sunset point, which also offers an ariel view of Udaipur. The garden is also famous for its  weakly musical fountain show. For those looking for more views and camera angles, try the cable car ride in the city.

Weather & when to visit

The desert summers here are hot. Scalding hot. The best time to visit is between October and March, when it is cooler than the summer months. Late December and early January are perfectly cold, with night temperatures dipping to 1 or 2 C during the coldest nights.

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