How to find a name for your blog or website in 5 minutes

How to find a name for your blog or website in 5 minutes


Finding the name for your website or blog can be an extremely frustrating process. Especially if this is your first blog, and you are new to all aspects of creating a blog.

A domain name is what goes between the www and the .com of your blog/website address. This is your site identity. This is how people will know your blog. So, think well before choosing the name, but don’t take forever to do it. The name is the first step toward your online business, and the most confusing one. So, don’t get stuck here. Pick a name, remember that you can change this anytime in the future, and just get started.

Once you have chosen a name, starting a blog will come very easy.


All the good ones will be taken… it’s okay

The first thing you should know that probably the best names will be taken. Domain names are the hottest selling commodity online, and the top ones sell for millions of dollars. This is because digital presence is crucial to any business, and one of the best ways to earn and grow in today’s day and age.

Nobody (except if you are Bill Gates or an oil rich Sheikh) can afford one of the best domain names. Everyone is settling for an alternate. It’s no big deal. This does not make a statement about you, nor does it decrease the credibility of your blog.


You can always change the name later

Don’t stress too much on finding the ‘perfect’ name. Most people don’t have a lightbulb situation right at the start of their project. As time passes, and you get to know more and more as you continue blogging, the right name will come to you. It really will. Take it from me. So, don’t worry for now. If you don’t get it right away, start with what you have. It only costs Rs 99 anyway. That’s less than a cup of coffee at Costa!


Now, let do it!

Let’s find you a name for your blog or website.

In the next five minutes, you will have a name for your website or blog.

The idea is simple, all you have to do is to participate and follow these simple steps. Remember, in a month or so, if you don’t like your domain name, you can always get another. It costs like Rs 100 for a year. Initially, I had about six domains redirected to my website, until I could settle on one.


STEP 1 (1 minute)

So, remember you have to be fast. Getting started is the toughest part about building a blog. Once you have your name and hosting, the rest of it comes easy as ice cream on a hot day.

Let’s get started on finding you a name.

All you have to do in this step is to define your idea. What your website is about, why do you want to start one, and will it help your audience.

You have to answer this in one sentence. You have one minute. Go!

If you have your sentence, let’s proceed to step 2.


STEP 2 (1 minute)

This step is simple. We will strip your sentence of all unnecessary words here. Remove all conjunctions from your sentence. Conjunctions are joining words such as and, or, if, but, for, either, although.

Next, remove all prepositions from your sentence. Prepositions are words such as on, the, in. Also remove all words such as a, and the. Google calls these stop words.

So, for example if your sentence was, “To travel the world and explore different global cuisines, and to review them.”

After stripping it should look like “travel world explore different global cuisines review.”

Let’s move to step 3.


STEP 3 (1 minute)

The fun thing about brainstorming for a name for your website or blog is the chance to think in new and creative ways. In this step, we are going to come within a hair’s breadth of your actual blog name.

Using the words from the previous step, in this step, we are going to shrink your name further.

We are looking for two to three words, not (collectively) longer than 15 characters.

This is easier than you think. The first word must define what your blog is about. For example, if it is a travel blog, one of your words needs to be ‘travel’ (not like moodycompass… oops!). If your blog is about cats, one of the words needs to be ‘cats’ or a synonym or a popularly used alternate such as kitty or ‘kitten’.

This is so that at first impression of your blog link clarifies what your blog is about. On an average, people will check out your website from a search dropdown for 2.3 seconds before moving on to the next item. In this 2.3 seconds, to must be clear to the viewer what your website is about. So, keep it simple, and easy to understand.

Now that we have the first word, the second is slightly trickier. Here are a few things to bear in mind while choosing your words. Anything visual is a good idea. Scientific research has proven that people have visual memories. For example, holding up a banana would always be better way to communicate about bananas, than saying the word ‘banana’. Hence, it would be a good thing if one of your words in an object (like ‘compass’) or an animal. Something that is easy to visualise. So, use the words from step 3 to determine your object. You have 30 seconds. Go!


Now that you have your two words (hopefully within 15 characters), well done!

It possibly looks something like this, ‘travellers cuisine’ Lets proceed.


STEP 4 (1 minute) Don’t wait

I made the mistake of waiting for inspiration to decide a name when I started my first blog. I lost many weeks during which I could have understood the template, started working on my blog, written a bunch of posts and begun making money.

In this step we are going to find you a name! Now, while it may seem confusing to decide your name in crash course as this, but remember you can change the name anytime you want.

So, let’s get down to it.

Click here to be redirected to Panabee. A new tab will open. Come back to this screen for instructions. You will see a page like the one below. Type your two cool words into the search bar, hit search and watch them become cooler! You will leave Panabee with your final name!

How to find a name for your blog: Panabee Landing Page
How to find a name for your blog: Panabee Landing Page

This is a cool, kickass site, which helps you find word variants, alternates and also helps you see which domain names are available.





For example, when I type ‘travel cuisine in Panabee, this is what I get.

How to find a name for your blog: Panabee
How to find a name for your blog: Panabee

Also, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a bunch of synonyms, so you can pick and choose the right mix. Do it quick though. Like me, you could be stuck in this confusing process for a long time if you’re not careful.

Also, don’t buy your domain at Panabee… I will show you a way to get it for free here.

How to find a name for your blog: Panabee Synonyms Screen
How to find a name for your blog: Panabee Synonyms Screen



Domain selection: Is .com important?

Yes. You are probably getting better options if you are prepared to take .in or .net or .xyz, but .com is very much in demand for a reason. It helps you get a wider reach and visibility. All experts will agree. Ultimately, the choice is yours which domain you pick.



So, I’m guessing you have a narrowed on name right about now, which you are rethinking. Don’t! Select the name and start your blog. I am going to help you get the domain for free, anyway. Click here to find out how.

Now, that you have a name, you can start a blog right away! First, you don’t want to purchase the domain when you can get it for free. I can show you how along with a step by step guide to blog building. It 10 minutes, we will have your professional blog ready to go and you will be you are all set to start your blogging career, and on your way to start earning an online income. Click here to get your free domain name.

Congratulations! You are now officially the owner of a domain. You are just a few steps from creating your blog. I can help you with a step by step approach to creating your first bog, which can eventually become your full-time source of income. Your office can be a Mediterranean Island, a camping site by the river or a Starbucks. Click here to start your first blog in 10 minutes!

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