Humayun's Tomb

Humayun’s Tomb In Delhi: Backpacking India

Humayun’s Tomb In Delhi Backpacking India

Delhi, like I have mentioned before, has so much more to offer than it’s initial rush of massive city madness. For history lovers, and sightseers alike, Humayun’s Tomb is a great place to visit. Even for backpackers, this marvelous structure, echoing with are craftsmanship, art and resonating with history will captivate your attention.

Humayun's Tomb
Humayun’s Tomb

One of the magnificent architectural jewels of Delhi is the Humayun’s Tomb. Situated near the crossroads of Mathura road and Lodhi road, this majestic resting place is the oldest example of Mughal architecture in India. Of much interest to historians and history students alike, as well as those with an interest in era architecture the tomb structure holds many unique features.

Humayun's cenotaph stands alone in the main chamber; the real grave lies in the basement below
Humayun’s cenotaph stands alone in the main chamber; the real grave lies in the basement below
Humayun Tomb
Humayun Tomb
Points of interest
Inside the monument walls, here are a few things of interest:

The garden squares, also known as Chaharbagh with pathways water channels, centrally located well proportional mausoleum topped by double domeThere are several graves of Mughal rulers located inside the monument limits. In 1857 A.D Lieutenant Hudson captured the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah II.

Who was Humayun?
Humayun was a Mughal emperor who ruled during the 1500s. Nine years after his passing, the tomb was constructed in 1565 AD by his son Akbar, and senior widow Bega Begam.

The monument of international fame stands sentinel over the silent history of New Delhi, over a of a time of kings and wars. And if you are anything close to a history buff, Humayun’s Tomb should be one of the must visit places on your list.

So, don’t let the first, perhaps chaotic impression of Delhi get to you. After a good night’s rest, Delhi is brimming with monuments, and more just waiting sure to delight you.

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