Is GoDaddy really the best choice? No

Is GoDaddy really the best choice to earn an online income?

Have you ever found yourself wondering if GoDaddy is really the right choice to host your online business? Granted that it is the most popular, but does that mean its the best?

GoDaddy has been dominating the Indian start-up domain and hosting market, which casts other (better) options into the background. While it may be the most commonly known provider, does not mean it’s the best. I have nothing against Godaddy, it works just fine. But, if you hope to be a professional blogger and actually earn money from your blog, then you will have to go in for the higher end hosting plans at GoDaddy. The lower end plans are suitable for those who are starting websites as portfolios or college projects, and have no intention to either expand, or earn an income online.

GoDaddy hosting plans versus SiteGround hosting plans

To go professional, if you do pick GoDaddy, you need to buy the Rs 549 per month plan, which includes site security, an SSl certificate, and a number of other important features. If you buy the Rs 99/month plan, you will probably waste an enormous amount of time and still end up with no income.

While you will have to pay Rs 549/month on GoDaddy to get a somewhat professional package, on SiteGround, you pay $3.99 (Rs 250) for a much better deal, with crazy fast speeds.


Is GoDaddy really the right choice?
Is GoDaddy really the best choice?

I was a GoDaddy customer too, until I found USA based Siteground. It is much more professional and no hidden costs.

It’s unfortunate that many newbies looking to start up know little about other hosting providers. Features such as the SSL certificate (which is required if you ever hope to go professional with your blog) are nowhere in the first three base hosting packages on GoDaddy.

My other blog is hosted on SiteGround and I am extremely happy with the speed and service. For this blog, MoodyCompass, I purchased the (Rs 549 per month) GoDaddy plan for one year, and am waiting for it to run out, to switch to SiteGround.

Anyway, I’m not trying to sell you anything here. The choice is yours. A few years ago, starting a blog changed my life, and I’d like to pay it forward. So, I’d like you to know that it is possible to sustain your life on an online income and live the life of your dreams. I am doing it. And many others are doing it.


Is GoDaddy really the best? Here's Why Not
Is GoDaddy really the best? Here’s Why Not

Travelling the world on a online income

For anyone who doubts that it is possible, I am testament to the fact that it is completely possible to build a life on a internet income, and even travel the world with it! I’m not trying to show off, I worked really hard to get where I am now. Since there are no colleges that teach you the tricks of earning online, I have established a few step by step guides for those passionate about living their dreams.

Click Here to Start your Blog on SiteGround now! With this step by step guide, it will take you about 10 minutes to start a blog from scratch.

Do you have a name for your blog yet? If not, I can help you Find a Name for your Blog in 5 Minutes Here.

If you are looking to build a steady income online, get on the digital bandwagon and work for yourself, check out my Sustaining Travel Section.

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Start a Blog in 10 Minutes! Click on Image to find out

Start a Blog in 10 Minutes! Click on Image to find out

How to Find a Name for Your Blog in 5 Minutes! Click on Image to find out
How to Find a Name for Your Blog in 5 Minutes! Click on Image to find out










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