Travelling Kanyakumari The Last Frontier Of India

Introducing India’s Last Frontier: Kanyakumari

At the Southern most tip of India, Kanyakumari is a located at the peak of the peninsula, just before the massive landmass of the Indian subcontinent ends into the three great water bodies. Kanyakumari lies at the confluence of Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

Kanyakumari for the backpacker

For travellers, the geographic setting of Kanyakumari is of great interest. A rare weather phenomenon can be observed from the peninsula here. At certain points of the year the setting sun and rising moon can be seen together in the twilight.

You will find a mixed crowd here. It is home to a few revered temples, which attract people on religious quests. It has a few really nice beaches which attract both domestic and international tourists. And owing to its unique geography, it attracts various other visitors, including students, researchers and weekend holiday-ers from close by places. The tiny town doesn’t actually lie in Kerala. For economic interests, it was gifted to the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu which had little or no touristic income.

Weather and the best time to visit

Typically tropical and very humid weather conditions are found here through the year. The best time to visit is between October and March, when it is slightly cooler than the summer months.
Places to visit


The small town of Kanyakumari is known for the one and the most important geographical feature that it houses – the peninsula at the confluence of Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

Vivekananda Statue

A great Indian poet and philosopher, Swami Vivekananda spent many years meditating and studying at Kanyakumari and has a large monument erected in his honour just off the shore, in the middle of the water.

The Vivekananda Statue at Kaanyakumari
The Vivekananda Statue at Kanyakumari

Not typically off the beaten track or a non-touristy backpacker destination in my books, the Southern-most city of India does have its unique appeal. If you are down South, this is one of the places I would recommend for an overnight stop.


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