Kerala Destinations: A Local’s Guide

Alleppey & Kumarakom: A Tale of Calm Waters & Lush Greens 

We were sipping wine on the pool deck when we spotted a  local couple fishing by hand in the nearby waters. A conversation ensued, which resulted in us heading home with a booty of seafood which they rowed all the way back to their water-side home and back to fetch just for us. This is the kind of hospitality you’ll receive in the adjoining towns of Alleppey and Kumarakom in Kerala.


A backpacker's map of Kerala; pic courtsey
A backpacker’s map of Kerala; pic courtsey

Ideal for those looking to  kickback and take things at a slower pace, Alleppey – known as the Venice of the East for its winding waterways – and Kumarakom, with its exceedingly calm backwaters, lure you with their promise of a time away from everything that is rushed and hectic. Enjoy the balmy tropical weather atop a houseboat or by the side of the backwaters in one of the numerous resorts in the area. Do not be assured of 3G or smoking rights, though!


Houseboat at Alleppey
Houseboat at Alleppey

Fort Kochi & Mattancherry: A Dance Across Centuries

Watch closely and you can see the centuries spin past in these very unique fishing islands that boast an enchanting burst of oldworld Europe reminiscent of the days of Portuguese rule only a stone’s throw away from the city of Cochin. Find here the famous Jewish Synagogue from the days of the spice trade, numerous charming home stays to choose from and bazaars that leave you spoilt for choice with their endless selections of Menorahs, gemstones, spices and antiques stocked in quaint old stores across the island.

Kerala Destinations: A Local's Guide: Houseboat at Alleppey
Kerala Destinations: A Local’s Guide: Houseboat at Alleppey

A far cry from the city of Cochin that greets you when you step off the airplane, these nearby islands are your best bet if looking for some unique cultural tourism apart from the traditional  fare that Kerala has on offer.

Hope you enjoy this candid guide to places in Kerala, Kerala Destinations: A Local’s Guide.


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