A decorated idol of Goddess Durga, in Kolkata (Calcutta) during Durga Puja

List of Top Festivals of Himachal Pradesh

List of Top Festivals of Himachal Pradesh

Festive time is Himachal is vividly colourful, and a sight to behold. Flanked by gorgeous views, the sets of festive celebrations fire dances, gold and silver attire, lively masks will live in your memory forever. Here is a list of the top festivals of Himachal Pradesh.


List of Himachali festivals

Losar (LAHAUL&SPITI): Jan/Feb; Tibetan New Year; marked by ritual masked dances by the monks in gompas (monasteries).
Shivratri (MANDI/BAIJNATH): Feb/Mar; Idols are marched to temples in processions as a tribute to Lord Shiv.


Sui Mata Mela (CHAMBA): Apr; A four day long festival of dances & music in honour of Sui Mata, a local deity.
Dhungri Mela (MANALI): May; As a tribute to Hadimba Devi, animals are sacrificed at her temple.
Himalayan Hang-Gliding Rally (BILLING): May; Hand gliders from around the world compete for flight challenges.

Lahaul Festival (KEYLONG): July; Dancing, music & shopping; a cultural trade festival.
Minjar Festival (CHAMBA): Jul/Aug; A week of crop (blossoms of maize) offerings and street parades for the rain god, Varun.



Ladarcha Fair (KAZA): Aug; Rural bazaars come alive with merry singing, ancient dances & mountain sports.
Pauri Festival (TRILOKNATH): Aug; Huge lamps are lit at the temple to honour Lord Shiv.
Phulech Festival (KALPA/SANGLA): A mystic festival when oracles go into frenzy to prophesise the future & the entire village decorated with thousands of flowers.
Dusshera/Durga Puja (KULLU/SARAHAN): Oct; The chariot of Lord Ram leads a huge fair & parade, celebrating Durga slaying demon Mahishasura.




Lavi Fair (RAMPUR): Nov; A three day long ancient trade fest.
Guktor Festival (DHANKAR): Nov; Ritualistic Buddhist dancing & performances at Dhankar Gompa (monastery).
Renuka Mela (RENUKA LAKE): Nov; A six day festival climaxing with idol (of Lord Vishnu) immersion.
International Himalayan Festival (MCLEOD GUNJ): 10-12 Dec; Buddhist dances & musical performances to celebrate HH Dalai Lama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Note: Most religious/cultural festivals are based on the Lunar calendar, their dates are unique each year and are released on 1st Jan.

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