Munnar for Backpackers

Munnar for Backpackers.
Introducing Munnar
Munnar is a scenic, low lying hill station situated along the Western Ghats, in the Southern most Indian state of Kerala. A pleasant break from the otherwise hot state of Kerala, Munnar is a quiet touristic and traveller retreat.  Munnar is a complete tea estate town, and the main livelihood of the locals comes from either working in the tea plantations or running them.
Tea plantations at Munnar

Emerald green carpets of tea plantations on mild slopes of the Western Ghats punctuated by silver Oak trees lie tranquilly under dazzling blue skies. Being in Munnar is as much feeling pleased and relaxed as looking at the world after a delicious, satisfying meal.

Lying at a mild elevation of below 2,000 m, Munnar is scenic, pleasant and chilled out. On the backpacker-must-visit list.

Tea pickers in Munnar
Weather and best time to visit
The best time to visit Munnar is between October and June when the weather is moderate during daytime with cool evenings.
Backpacking Munnar
Locals are friendly and warm. Most people understand and speak English. Owing to the tropical hot and humid climate of Kerala, Munnar is a weekend getaway for many locals from around Kerala and the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Apart from the locals coming for a weekend getaway, at Munnar you will spot many honeymooning couples. A growing number of backpackers are making their way here as well.
Things to do in Munnar
Horse back riding & tea plantation visit
Spend a day horse-riding, and touring the gorgeous tea plantations in Munnar.
Ernakulam National Park
From Munnar visit the Ernakulam Wildlife Reserve, a unique reserve lying also on the gentle green, meadow-ey slopes of the Western Ghats mountain range. Spend a night among the ‘wildlife’ (monkeys and goats) at one of the guest houses located within the National Reserve forest region.
Enjoy your stay at Munnar, and don’t forget to drink as much tea as you can!

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