Pushkar Unveiled For The Backpacker

Pushkar Unveiled For The Backpacker
How to spend a day in Pushkar
  1. Early morning trek (45 min) to temple of Savitri Devi on the hill. Savitiri is the wife of Brahma, who sits gazing down upon her husband’s temple in a rage that has lasted centuries.
  2. Check out the various Ghats of Pushkar during the day .
  3. Visit the temple of Brahma.
  4. Take a walk round the marketplace.
Savitri Devi temple
Savitri Devi temple
Dos & don’ts in Pushkar


  • Try the Falafel at Doctor’s Cafe
  • Spend sunset at a ghat


  • Don’t drink alcohol. Pushkar is a microdot on the map. The 4 km by 4 km walled town of Pushkar is an ancient religious place. Consumption of alcohol is banned, as well as disrespectful.
  • Avoid Bhang Lassi
  • Don’t fall prey to Brahmin priests asking you to conduct a small pooja (ceremony) by the ghat. This is a scam, and at the end of the ritual they will ask you for a donation (money).
Accommodation & Costs in Pushkar
Vinatge Stay
Vintage Stay

You will find many budget guest houses at Pushkar. My personal favourites are Namaste & Peacock House.

  • Namaste is run by an Indian man, and his non Indian wife. Beautiful people, good Wifi, peaceful place. Great location. I paid INR 400 for a non AC, spacious, basic room
  • Peacock house is situated outside the walled limit of Pushkar. The Cafe is beautiful, and the food, delicious. This is a favourite spot for Israeli tourists/backpackers. A non AC, basic, clean room costs approx INR 700 to INR 1000 per night.

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