How to start earning from your travel blog in 10 minutes

How to start earning from your travel blog in just 10 minutes

Now that you have successfully started your travel blog, here is how to make money from it.

Your dream to travel forever and be free is only a few clicks away. This doesn’t mean that you will earn millions today or by next week. This means you are on your way. And here’s the cheat sheet, which unfortunately I learned the hard and lengthy way.

How to start earning from your travel blog in 10 minutes
How to start earning from your travel blog in 10 minutes

Remember, a blog with as little as 5 or 10 posts can earn from affiliate marketing. It is not about the bulk or the quantity, it is about what you write, and how you write it. In this guide you will find which affiliate marketing programs to use, and how to make them work for you.


How to make money from your travel blog in 10 minutes: start earning from your travel blog
How to make money from your travel blog in 10 minutes: start earning from your travel blog
Why not Google Adsense

Google Adsense may be the leading pay per 1000 views or pay per click ad portal, but this isn’t for bloggers. Given that you get 1,000 visits on your blog daily, you will make anything from $ 0.50 to $20. Plus, getting approved for Adsense is a tedious process. If you want to work your ass off for $ 30 a month, then go for it. Else, AdSense at this point isn’t worth the effort.

I do have Adsense on this blog, but the chunk of my income comes from Affiliate Marketing.

Just to clarify, I do not earn any sort of commission from including any of the links in this article.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you get a percentage of a sale made through clicking on a link in your blog. For example, you have a makemytrip link on your page, and somebody clicks it and proceeds to purchase something from makemytrip. Here you will get anything from 1% to 15% commission of the sale made.

There are many variants to affiliate marketing, and each company has its own rules about the percentage that you earn, and the guidelines of your commission. For example, Hostgator pays roughly Rs 1,250 per sale, while Amazon pays 5 to 15% per cent of the sale, and makemytrip around Rs 500 or lower per sale.


Affiliate Marketing: Dos & Don’ts

The thing about affiliate marketing is, if you want to do it right in the long run, it is imperative that you practice responsible marketing. Only recommend items that you have personally tried out, and genuinely feel are good. If not, you will lose credibility quicker than you make your first $ 20.

Help your readers, don’t cheat them. Take the time to write your blog. Give out a lot of original information and develop trust by directing your reader to the right place.


Here is how to get started.

Top Players for Affiliate Marketing

Apart from the fact that Amazon is the highest paying affiliate marketing, I personally like Amazon products. Also, unlike AdSense, they don’t have an overly stringent screening process. Anyone can register, and it only takes a sec. No long forms, no too many details. You can start advertising first, and worry about the form filling later. They have variety, good prices and a good quality control policy in place. I do a lot of shopping online, and I personally favour Amazon.

Click here to incorporate into your blog.

Now, choose your ads carefully. I only recommend products that I honestly think are good.


Hostgator is another US based site which is making it big in India. Providing the same services as GoDaddy – website hosting, it has recently crossed 200,000 registered domains. It has great service, timely payments, and a very easy to follow, simple dashboard (interface). Cherry on top is that it pays extremely well! Starts at Rs 1,250 per conversion! I definitely recommend.

Click here to advertise Hostgator on your blog.

Apart from these, Flipkart & Yatra offer pretty good deals on affiliate marketing too. Click respectively to register.

You will find tons of affiliate options online. Almost every shopping (product based) website has one of its own. I would suggest not to go around signing up for every affiliate program that you come across. It eventually becomes very difficult to manage. Pick the top few. These four are enough for now. Select relevant, tested products, and stay focused on these. It will definitely work out. The key is to work hard and persevere.


You don’t need to end your trip. It is possible to travel forever. Read here about how I do it. The best approach to creating an office (which you can carry around with you anywhere in the world), is to start a blog. Read here about how to set up a travel blog in 10 minutes!

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