Trek To Valley Of Flowers

Trek To Valley Of Flowers

In all my mountain wandering, I have not seen a more beautiful valley where the human spirit may find repose’ wrote Smythe.

Frank Smythe first discovered this spectacular vision of endless varieties of wild flowers in monsoon carpeting an entire valley, in 1931. In a valley surrounded by a ring of white peaks and mountain ridges, the bugyal (high-altitude meadows) of tall wildflowers are a sight worthy of gods.

The 300 species of flowers make the valley a unique pharmaceutical reserve which is queued to be a World Heritage site.


When to visit

Unfortunately, the Valley hits its pinnacle of beauty when all the flowers come abloom during the monsoons (July & August), when rains make the trek to Valley of Flowers tough and risky.

In off season though, there is a subtle paradise like beauty vibe hanging somewhere within grasp in the Valley of Flowers.

As you stand atop the side at which the valley wall falls steeply below your feet, there are no words that can quite express the visual that lies before… an entire mountainside covered with endless flowers of myriad colours, different sizes and attractions. Some open wide to th sun, while others shy away meekly. Smythe really knew what he was writing.

Apart from the trek to Valley of Flowers, there are various other enchanting places to visit in Uttarakhand. The Himalayan state is known for its spirituality and Yoga. From the Beatles Ashram, to other religious spots in Uttarakhand, travel the diverse regions lying on the banks of our most sacred River Ganga. Rishikesh to Gangotri.

Check out this awesome destination, with sacred rivers and monuments, and its spiritually calm vibes are sure to soothe your senses and hope you achieve the sense of enlightenment that Ganga gifts to all who visit her.


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